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Membership in the Wake Accounting Society is open to undergraduate students of Wake Forest University of all majors, contingent upon class standing. Junior accounting majors and FINM majors are required to be members. Sophomore accounting and FINM majors (or intended majors) are highly encouraged to be members. Membership is optional for all other students.


The Wake Accounting Society seeks to offer equal opportunity to all students and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, ethnic origin, gender, or age. No dues are currently required to be a member of the Accounting Society.


Members (in good standing) are entitled to the following benefits:

  1. Receive a certificate of membership, renewable on an annual basis.

  2. Attend all meetings/events/presentations sponsored by the Wake Accounting Society.

  3. Receive all written communications/emails from the Wake Accounting Society about upcoming events, programs, etc. 

  4. Acknowledge their membership on resume and other forms of written communication. 

  5. Opportunity to provide service and leadership to the Wake Accounting Society on a volunteer basis. We currently offer four leadership positions as Officers of the Executive Board and we welcome student volunteers for other service and leadership roles.

  6. Access to Accounting Society network (consisting of current and former Wake Forest accounting students). 

  7. Opportunity to network with accounting, finance, and other business professionals via participation in events sponsored by the Wake Accounting Society.

  8. Admission to all programs/events that prepare students for internship positions in accounting and provide students with information about the accounting profession. 


  1. Attendance.

    1. Freshman students are currently not permitted to be members.

    2. Sophomore members must attend at least one-third of all meetings per semester (evidenced by attendance sheet).

    3. Junior members must attend at least two-thirds of all meetings per semester (evidenced by attendance sheet). Required to the Beyond the Big Four event.

    4. Senior members: Meetings/presentations are optional.

    5. Absence from the required Beyond the Big Four event requires written documented excuse provided to the faculty advisor of the Wake Accounting Society. Failure to adhere to the overall attendance policy will subject the member to a disciplinar meeting with the faculty advisor and officers, who will discuss and determine the course of action with the member. 

  2. Participation. All current members are encouraged to actively participate and get involved in all in meetings, presentations and events sponsored by the Wake Accounting Society.

  3. Ethics. All current members are required to adhere to the Wake Forest ethics code. Any violations of the ethics code (for which the member is found guilty under the Wake Forest judicial system) will subject members to immediate dismissal from the Wake Accounting Society.

  4. Professionalism. All current members are required to display professionalism and courtesy at all accounting events and in all interactions with faculty/staff, other student members, recruiters and practitioners. First violations of this policy will subject the member to a disciplinary meeting with the faculty advisor and officers. Second violations will result in immediate dismissal from the Wake Accounting Society.

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